Please have a look through my latest videos below.

Frontal Sinus Balloon Sinuplasty

This patient presented an an emergency with excruciating pain in their forehead and swelling around the eye following a cold. An Acclarent balloon has been passed up into the frontal sinus (out of view at the top of the screen) and the balloon is inflated and deflated 3 times as it is withdrawn. The sinus is then washed out with saline until the fluid runs clear.

Microdebrider Removal Of Left Nasal Polyp

A nasal polyp is seen via an endoscope placed up the left nostril. It arises from the sinuses, and is seen as a grey lump hanging down into the nose itself between the middle turbinate (on the left of the picture ) and the side wall of the nose (on the right). On the very left of the picture is the nasal septum, or partition between the nostrils. The spinning blade of a microdebrider instrument is placed up the nose, and quickly and safely removes the polyp with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue or blood loss. This is all achieved under direct surgical vision, operating via a TV monitor.