Canterbury Nose Clinic

Mr Henry Sharp FRCS (ORL-HNS) Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon / Rhinologist and Nasal Plastic Surgeon

The Canterbury Nose Clinic at BMI Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury, Kent offers a comprehensive assessment of all conditions affecting nasal function and cosmetic issues (i.e. for patients wishing Rhinoplasty), as well as related matters such as Allergy and Snoring.

The Clinic exists on a "one-stop" basis enabling patients to have any appropriate tests and investigations performed at the time of their consultation and therefore reducing the need for further appointments.

For full details of treatments and operations offered by The Canterbury Nose Clinic, please see the 'Treatments' section on this website.

Canterbury is now a short hop of less than an hour from St Pancras International Station in central London on HS1, Britains first and only high speed rail line. It's even closer from Stratford or Ebbsfleet International stations!

 What Happens During Your Consultation?

You will be thoroughly assessed and examined at your initial outpatient visit by Henry personally and any additional tests can be organised to establish any allergies or deficiencies in your sense of smell. If necessary, we can arrange a nose and sinus CT scan - this can be carried out in The Chaucer Hospital's Radiology department on the same day as the outpatient appointment.

For patients requesting Rhinoplasty, photographs are taken and the likely result of your surgery shown to you, (by means of digital image manipulation on Henrys laptop), to allow a mutually acceptable surgical plan to be made prior to embarking on the operation.

In the light of this comprehensive evaluation, a tailor-made treatment programme can then be made and any necessary therapy commenced straight away. All the latest medical and minimally invasive surgical treatments will be discussed fully prior to further action, including immunotherapy for severe grass pollen allergy.

 What Happens After Your Consultation?

Patients leave the clinic with a diagnosis made, appropriate advice provided and any further medical or surgical intervention discussed and planned in the light of this comprehensive assessment.

As part of the holistic service we offer, Henry works closely with Clinical Nurse Specialist and Consultant Respiratory Physician colleagues, as patients with nose and sinus problems often have chest problems such as asthma too. If we feel their opinion would help, we can make an appropriate referral straight away.

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